Bea’s Story

Bea Sheridan

Bea SheridanI am Bea E. Sheridan a registered nurse with several degrees…all acquired in my search for knowledge. After several administration positions failed to satisfy my giving nature I returned to the bedside where I stayed most of my career years. The last seven years I spent in a Rehabilitation Hospital where I observed numerous failed efforts to comfortably or safely restrict the movements of patient’s whose cognition was impaired and whose safety was at risk. As I approached retirement ideas for vests which would provide the necessary safety formed in my mind, and as one idea formulated many others followed.


I have authored two books: one for my dissertation, the second for easier reading, dealing with the problems we face navigating in the medical profession. I have never used health insurance and for many years never possessed any. Instead, I applied allopathic medicine and holistic living practices to stay healthy, and do not use prescription drugs of any kind. A strong believer, I use prayer and meditation to solve health issues.

Why I Started The Company

After many months of research on the internet I realized there was nothing resembling my inventions available. Most of the items I found were restraints which prevented movement, and either were cumbersome or uncomfortable. I have eight items which will be available to infants in highchairs, disabled people in wheelchairs, office workers who sit for long hours, children and or pets riding in a moving vehicle, and people who awaken in the middle of night and fall when they get out of bed. In addition to these items I have a promotional vest I am very excited about which will create happiness and conversations in the workplace.